Who are we

BoilieFarm originated from the combination of a passion for carp fishing and animal welfare. We are the founders Marc, Paul and Patrick, and we all have different backgrounds, but the above keywords are a common thread in our lives. Together there is 60+ years of experience in carp fishing and from the daily activities in the animal feed industry and livestock farming the importance of animal welfare as an important pillar has emerged.


 From the perspective of the carp, we have decided to combine our joint knowledge and translate this into a boilie of real premium quality. There are plenty of boilie companies nowadays, but at all of these companies we miss animal welfare or the importance of a balanced feed. Most companies sell ready-made or shelf-life boilies that sometimes last up to a few years due to the addition of preservatives. Since the amount of these agents used exceeds all standards, we thought it was time for an alternative. An alternative that is good for the carp and the angler.

Now there are boilie companies that make good quality boilies, but there is a (hefty) price tag attached to it. Quality comes at a cost, but our goal is to make boilies that are of high quality but also competitively priced.

 Thanks to our connections with animal feed producers and suppliers of additives from human foods, we have succeeded in this goal. All our suppliers have a variety of certificates that demonstrate that the raw materials they supply meet the highest standards. We are also NVWA registered for the production of complete and supplementary feeds for carp and also for the use of animal by-products. This sets us apart from many other manufacturers.

In order to achieve a high-quality boilie, we have engaged the help of an animal feed nutritionist. Because our nutritionist also has knowledge of natural preservation, we have succeeded in making a boilie that can achieve an shelf life of twelve months outside the freezer with a minimal amount of natural preservatives in combination with a sophisticated drying process and the correct packaging. Naturally while retaining all natural nutrients present.

Our motto is that a high quality fresh bait / feed always puts more carp in the net! This is certainly the case in the long term. That is why we stand behind our boilies for the full 100%!

We wish everyone a lot of fishing pleasure!