BoilieFarm Standard Brown Ginger Garlic

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BoilieFarm Standard Brown Ginger Garlic

This beautiful boilie has a unique composition in which structure, taste and nutritional value are guaranteed. The sweet taste of the Standard Boiliemix is ​​spicy spiced by the flavor combination of ginger and garlic. A taste sensation for friend carp.

The boilie keeps its structure, hardness, taste and smell under water for many hours.

For the shelf life of this boilie, completely natural products are used that help in preservation in combination with a sophisticated drying process and an oxygen-free packaging.

Due to its composition, the boilie is a complete food for the carp, and therefore suitable for instant fishing as well as for strategically set up feeding campaigns and maintaining feeding spots.


Corn, Soybean meal Hipro, Wheat, Barley, Soybean oil, Wheat bran, Sugar, Sodium chloride, Oats, Calcium carbonate, Refined coconut / palm kernel fat, Yeast and parts thereof (Saccharomy cerevisiae), milk flour and eggwhite powder, ginger powder and garlic powder

Analytical constituents (per kg): Moisture 200 g, Crude ash 51 g, Crude protein 200 g, Crude fat 60 g, Crude fiber 23 g, Calcium 6.0 g, Phosphorus 3.0 g, Natrium 5.4 g, Sodium 0.9 g, Lysine 9.2 g, Methionine 5.6 g

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16 mm, 20 mm, 24 mm

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