René van Bruxvoort

I’d like to introduce myself. My name is René van Bruxvoort, married, 2 children and 3 grandchildren.
I work as a Consultant food and drink, hospitality and logistics at Vincent van Gogh in Venray. Formerly head of nutrition or chef of a large production kitchen.
I have been a keen fisherman since I was a child, fishing for carp for the last 10 years now. What a beautiful fishery,.. that sudden sound of the beeper is fantastic and the tension great… and the reward sometimes very very beautiful.

But also staying on the waterfront is a feast. With friends, thinking about the fishing and the possibilities, and of course good food and drinks, and taking beautiful pictures of the fish and the surroundings. And just enjoy and having a laugh…

In my profession, food and drink is of course very important and it is an honour to think together with BoilieFarm (Marc, Paul and Patrick) about the development of their boilies that are completely naturally developed and composed, in order to come to unique flavours and compositions. Me and John Arts, as cooks, we can contribute to the development of the BoilieFarm Boilie.

We regularly go out fishing together. France has also stolen our hearts, and we have already been able to take many trips. Unfortunately, those trips are always over far too quickly.

The developments of BoilieFarm are in full swing and the results are very promising. I expect we will land a lot of fish with the current boilies and with the new flavors still to develop.

With friendly greetings

René van Bruxvoort