Patrick Willems

I am Patrick Willems, one of the founders of BoilieFarm. You cannot start a boilie factory without extensive experience in catching fish.

As a young man of about 5 years old, fishing was standard during the holidays. Anything that wanted to bite was dragged out of the water. That’s where my fishinglife began.

As I got older, i got a casting rod; that was much better than that pole by my opinion .. throwing far to try to catch even more and bigger fish. In my neighborhood was an little pond where there were many small carp at that time. That was my first introduction to carpfishing. We caught these carp literally on everything.


Once used to catching such strong and beautiful fish, we wanted to catch such carp on the “large ponds”. That was a bit different, because they were a bit more difficult to catch than the carp on the little pond . But our plans worked out and the satisfaction was great.


In high school I met Paul Steenbekkers in seventh grade. He also liked to fish, he said .. From that moment on we became friends and fishingbuddies. We fished everything that was within cycling distance and caught carp everywhere. At one point it turned out that we needed boilies to catch big carp. We’re talking about the late 80s-early 90s here, so there was a lot of secrecy in terms of boilies and boilie ingredients. The ingredients were also very expensive (especially for us as students with a Saturday job) and the boilie mixes that the carpanglers used at that time were top-secret. We started to experiment and then laid the foundation for the knowledge we now have. Ultimately, Paul and I became two fanatic carpanglers who were known and infamous on our waters.


I have expanded my carpfishing knowledge by fishing all kinds of waters. Culture wells, large lakes in the Netherlands, various rivers (including the Maas), but also trips abroad to France (3 trips per year for 10 years). In France I only fished on public water, not on the well-known commercial waters. All in all, I think I can catch carp on any kind of water by using my wits and watersense.

Until the waterfront!