Martijn Heesakkers

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Martijn Heesakkers, 26 years old and I live in Gelderland near the Maas. A dream for every carp angler of course! I live with my four-legged friend Simba.

I have been fishing since I was 3 years old. Like most, I also started with the pole and started fishing for carp from the age of 14. After I caught my first carp, the “carpvirus” hit me and I haven’t touched a pole since.

My fishery mainly consists of fishing for wells and the Maas in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. I prefer to fish in lesser known places, because that remains a challenge.

You often don’t know what to expect, so you will have to work to catch your fish, which I see as a big challenge! I have already learned a lot from this and I can also learn a lot, through trial and error.

At the moment I can be found by the water on average two nights a week. If I have more time, I can be found there more often in the spare hours. Carpfishing is really my passion and it also relaxes me nicely, in addition, I can really clear my head.

I fish all year round, provided the water is not frozen of course. I personally like winterfishing very much. A lot of people might think I’m crazy, but I always say: “then I won’t be bothered by the good weather fishermen” and I can do my own thing.

For me it is important to have complete confidence in my bait, so after a blank I no longer have to doubt whether the boilie has been good. Saves me a lot of thinking, which can be better invested in other aspects of fishing.

Sincerely, Martijn Heesakkers

And maybe see you at the waterfront …