John Arts

I’ll introduce myself, my name is John Arts and I’m 58 years old. I’m divorced and have three kids. I work as a diet cook at Pantyn in Boxmeer.

Fishing is in my blood since I was a kid. When I was young we regularly went on holiday with the family in Den Helder. Here we enjoyed ourselves with fishing, which as with many started with a bamboo rod and a float.
Later the bamboo rod was replaced by rod and reels. When I caught my first carp with this new rod, I was completely sold.
From this moment on, I started to focus on carpfishing.
Over the years, many waters like canals or ponds have been fished. Among others the Zuid-Willemsvaart, Twentekanaal and many ponds in the Venray area. I also go to France every year with some fishing friends. To enjoy carpfishing together.

When I heard from Paul and Patrick that they were going to set up BoilieFarm, I was immediately excited. I know that these gentlemen are very serious and fanatical about their hobby and always want to make the most of it, as well as with their bait. I really like that I can help think about certain flavors and additions of the boilies, and that all this is done on a natural basis, without substances that can harm the fish.

I have now come to the conclusion that the boilies are very popular with the carp. I’m sure i’ll catch a lot of carp in the future with BoilieFarm’s products.

John Arts