Frank Hovens

Let me start by saying that I think it is wonderful that Paul and Patrick founded the BoilieFarm from their hobby. I have known the boys for a long time and I am convinced that with their philosophy they will make a significant contribution to the world of the feed we serve our carp. With this I will therefore be using their products with great pleasure and interest and keep you informed of the catches and experiences.

My name is Frank Hovens and it all started when I was an 11-year-old boy who visited the local fishing lake on his bicycle with fishing equipment on Wednesday afternoon. Things got completely out of hand when I saw a few large fish swimming close to the bank on a sunny day and they were caught by a local fisherman. They turned out to be carp and that same Wednesday afternoon I sat with my silstar reel and telescope rod, feed feather and a few sweet corn, trying to catch these mighty fish. And now 30 years later I still can’t resist… ..

On my 15th I was allowed to go nightfishing as long as we weren’t alone. Here it was where I met Patrick and Paul and spent the first nights on the waterfront. Sometimes so many hours were fished that the hourly signal of my digital casio repeatedly made me suspect that I heard an optonic despite being in the classroom on mondaymorning….

In the last 30 years fishing had its ups and downs, but the blood keeps creeping… With less time, surface and instant fishing is the way to get our scaly friends in the net. Other times we can spend the nights on the canals or the river Maas. It is balancing between a busy job, family and social life.

All in all, I continue to enjoy nature and tranquility, and the adrenaline of a smashing run and a big fish quietly in the landingnet. Continuing to search for beautiful fish on new water, but also that first run and catch, where every time that feeling of that fisherman of 11 years comes up, wonderful!

I wish everyone lots of fishing fun and memorable moments on the waterfront!

Frank Hovens.