Dave van de Werken

Let me introduce myself first, my name is Dave Van De Werken. I am 24 years old and I live in Venray with my girlfriend Ashley and my four-legged friend Raff. I currently work as a machine operator at Intracoat in Milheeze.

When I was 6 years old I went with my mother, uncle and aunt to camping De Beerze Bulten. Behind this campsite ran the river Vecht . I started fishing on this water together with my uncle.

I started there, like many other fishermen with just a bamboo rod, float and a bunch of maggots. After catching a lot of fish I walked along the riverside and soon enough I came across a tent with real carpanglers. After a chat I was impressed by all the stuff they had with them and the pictures they showed me of the fish they caught. The other days of the holiday I could be found with these fishermen every day. They must have gone crazy because I wanted to know everything about carpfishing. And that’s how carpfishing began for me.

Meanwhile, now that I am a bit older and have more money to spend, my garage is full of carpgear. I try to fish as much as possible. This gives me peace and it relaxes me. While fishing, I don’t worry about anything, but only that one thing: how do I get the carp on the bank and in my hands?

I mainly fish at the water of the fishingclub . I also regularly fish on the private water at my work and occasionally at a holiday park nearby. And of course every year the regular trip to France with my fishing buddies John and Renee.

I am not just a fair weather fisherman. I prefer to fish all year round, as long as frost and time permits.

Last year I got to know Paul and Patrick and was allowed to use their boilies from the BoilieFarm for carpfishing. I didn’t have to fish a lot with the BoilieFarm boilie to convince me this bait definitely works!

In my first trial session with the Red Special Corn, I caught 6 fish and lost one in a session of 3 nights with a water temperature of 6 degrees. So that says something about these boilies.