Our boilies are composed and produced with care. It starts with a balanced composition of the mix. All ingredients used come from certified feed factories and companies from the humane organic food industry. Our ingredients therefore meet the highest quality requirements such as, Country Note, GMP +, BCN-NL1, Antibiotic-free animal feed and meet the welfare and retail requirements.

As you would expect from quality feed, the ingredients used are listed on the packaging. The analytical components indicate the percentages of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, amino acids and minerals in our boilies.

Our boilies are characterized by a nice coarse structure and hardness. Tests have shown that after 30 hours underwater, none of their attractiveness is lost and can still withstand whitefish attacks. The structure of the boilie helps to gradually release the natural flavors of our ingredients. Due to the sophisticated composition, our boilies do not absorb the smell of the bottom as quickly, which makes them attractive to carp for longer.

BoilieFarm does not use preservatives. Instead, natural ingredients are used to contribute to conservation. The drying process and packaging also help with preservation, with which the BoilieFarm boilie can be used outside the freezer for up to 10 weeks in sealed packaging.

We produce our boilies in 16mm, 20mm and 24mm to be able to offer a specific boilie for every type of water. On a culture water nearby, a smaller boilie can work fine, while for trips abroad and on rivers and canals, a larger bait may be desirable.